During our ride registration and sign in, we offer limited display and sales space to various vendors. The ride will usually generate between 600 and 900 participants along with our local supporting club members.

In an effort to further promote this opportunity we have established the following guidelines and rates.

The base display area consists of one 30” x 96” table space with 2 chairs.    Base Rate $25.00
Up to 5 additional equivalent display areas.    Rate  $5.00 each. (Subject to available space)

We are inviting vendors who can market the following types of items:

New and Used Bicycles, Bicycles Accessories, Bicycle Apparel, Bicycle Tours & Travel,
Sports & Health Products, Health & Massage Services, Unique Special Items, Custom Made Mirrors

We are also offering to list on our Ride Registration Page the name and link to the business website for any vendors who commit to this displaying at this year's ride prior to August 15.  We are asking that you pay for the base display area $25.00 in advance and let us know how many additional equivalent areas that you would like for us to reserve for you. We will settle up with you for the additional areas when you arrive for the event.

For more information or to commit to your space, contact Paul Craun at HHBCAdmin@HancockHandlebars.org. 

Thank you for your interest in the Hancock Horizontal Hundred.             

Display Area


Hancock Horizontal Hundred Bicycle Tour

49th Annual Bicycle Tour - September 8th, 2019

Findlay, Ohio 45840