Hancock Horizontal Hundred Bicycle Tour

50th Annual Bicycle Tour - September 13th, 2020

Findlay, Ohio 45840

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I was 78 years old on Sept. 6, 2015. One week later, I rode in my FIRST century. I started riding at age 70 and became an avid cyclist. Since that time, I have ridden OVER 31,000 MILES. The HHH is the BEST opportunity for anyone to ride her or his first century. I have read all of Joe Friel's road cycling books. His book, "Fast After 50," inspired me to get a power meter which gave me the tools to KNOW I could complete the ride by keeping my metrics at the right place. His book titled, "Cycling Past 50," said "...there are a few totally flat challenges, such as the Hancock Horizontal Hundred...near Findlay, Ohio." I live in Cincinnati so I was elated to find the HHH "right next door." Everything about the HHH is A+++ except for ONE thing... you have got to do something about the wind!! :-) Seriously, everyone I met and especially the officials and volunteers made it easy to apply and complete my first century. Even the riders were great. The logistics were well planned out: maps, registering, heading out and how good is it to have a welcoming throng awaiting my finish. I felt like I had really accomplished something. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I plan to do my second century this year. Thanks to all - S. Varnum

As we celebrate the now commemorative 50th annual HHH ride with a special club ride we still want to collect memorabilia and memories from the past 49 years. Plan to join us and share your memories with other riders.

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HH Club & HHH Memories By Paul Nusbaum
The sadly abbreviated 50th Edition of the Hancock Horizontal Hundred will soon be behind us, and with the process of the disbanding of the Hancock Handlebar Bicycle Club on going, I felt compelled to reminisce about some of my personal experiences with the HH Club. I’m going to mention a lot of names in the following paragraphs, and I apologize in advance if I fail to mention a rider whom I’ve had the privilege of riding some miles with during the twenty-nine years that I have been a HH Club member. 

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