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(Will update once we have 2017 details completed)
Hancock Horizontal Hundred Event Schedule

Detail Maps of Parking and Ride Start / Finish

Registration at The UF Koehler Recreation Center 1250 N. Main St. Findlay , Ohio 45840
UF Koehler Center Parking Map 

Ride Maps & Turn by Turn Directions

2017 will feature all new routes. These routes at subject to change due to road construction.

All routes will depart and return to 1222 N. Cory St. Findlay , Ohio 45840

23 Mile Route  Rest Stop and Snacks Included @ 11.5 miles at Pleasant Grove.
34 Mile Route   Rest Stop @ 11.5 miles & Lunch @ 22.5 miles, at Pleasant Grove.

53 Mile Route  Lunch in Bluffton @ 24 miles & rest stop @ 41 miles.  
68 Mile Route  Rest Stops @ 22.5 & 56 miles, Lunch in Bluffton @ 39 miles.
100 Mile Route  Lunch in Bluffton @ 52 miles w/ Rest Stops @ 22.5, 77 & 88 miles. 

Turn by Turn Maps can be printed from the above links.

Rider Provided GPS Links  

(Click to Download 100 mile Garmin File) Provided by Darrell Moll

Ride With GPS

Note: Those with the right Garmin's only have to upload their particular route into a compatible unit 

(like a 1000 820 810 etc ) and they will have the turn by turn.

Event Schedule / Maps

Hancock Horizontal Hundred Bicycle Tour

48th Annual Bicycle Tour - September 9th, 2018