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(Will update once we have 2018 details completed)
Hancock Horizontal Hundred Event Schedule

Detail Maps of Parking and Ride Start / Finish

Registration at The UF Koehler Recreation Center 1250 N. Main St. Findlay , Ohio 45840
UF Koehler Center Parking Map 

Ride Maps & Turn by Turn Directions

2018 routes are subject to change due to road construction.

All routes will depart and return to 1222 N. Cory St. Findlay , Ohio 45840

20 Mile Route  Rest Stop,Snacks & Entertainment @ 10 miles at Pleasant Grove.
34 Mile Route   Rest Stop, Snacks & Entertainment @ 24 miles Pleasant Grove.

50 Mile Route  Lunch in Bluffton @ 24 miles & rest stop @ 41 miles.  
68 Mile Route  Lunch in Bluffton @ 42 miles w/ Rest Stops @ 25 & 59 miles, .
100 Mile Route  Lunch in Bluffton @ 53 miles w/ Rest Stops @ 25, 78 & 90 miles. 

Turn by Turn Maps can be printed from the above links.

Rider Provided GPS Links  

(Click to Download 100 mile Garmin File- Not yet available) Provided by Darrell Moll

Ride With GPS

Note: Those with the right Garmin's only have to upload their particular route into a compatible unit 

(like a 1000 820 810 etc ) and they will have the turn by turn.

Event Schedule / Maps

Ride Schedule and Maps will be posted closer to the tour date.

 View the 2018 Preliminay HHH Event Schedule / Ride Maps

Hancock Horizontal Hundred Bicycle Tour

49th Annual Bicycle Tour - September 8th, 2019

Findlay, Ohio 45840